Rooster Roulettes

My organic raised chickens that commingle within the Egg Flock Production Team sometimes have offspring. The cool end result is that I know which hen laid the egg but have to wait until hatch to figure out the Rooster daddy….get it?

(Rooster Roulettes)

All Rooster Roulette chickens (actually all of the poultry on my farm) are fed Kalmbach Organic feed. They are raised to roam all over the farm to eat bugs, graze on grass, enjoy the sunshine, and dust bathe is the strangest places. I often have a few cockerels and pullets available that can be added to your flock or to be used as meat birds. Organic meat birds are the best tasting.

One dozen Rooster Roulette Eggs

(Fertilized-incubator ready)


Rooster Roulettes

(8-12 Weeks Old)


Rooster Roulettes

(12-16 Weeks Old)


On occasion, I have pure bred chickens that just do not meet their standards or mine and I sell them as pet quality.

You will need to email [email protected]

for availability and pricing.

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