My Storm Troopers

The story of naming my flock ‘Storm Troopers’ began with my first purchase of six Guinea Fowl to resolve our tick problem on my farm. Being fans of Star Wars and knowing that predators will eventually get them, I decided to number them instead of giving each bird a name. This was kind of my way to become less attached to each bird if and when one passes, or in some of my cases, when a hawk removes it from the farm. So my first six keets (young Guinea Fowl) started with #1 through #6. When I add another bird, I continue to number higher. All of my Storm Troopers are pasture raised, free range through the woods and casually poop everywhere on the farm. Since the Storm Troopers are constantly eating bugs, grass, blueberries, acorns and anything else they can find, I supplement their diet with only Kalmbach certified organic feed. This produces a beautiful and healthier bird.

Egg Flock Troopers

#31 is a pure bred Cream Legbar hen and is a wonderful blue egg layer.

a brown and gray chicken standing in the dirt
a chicken is standing on the ground in the woods

This is #24. She is a pure bred Cream Legbar and lays the most beautiful sky blue eggs. She is friendly and loves to follow me around the farm.

a black and brown rooster standing in a field

#25 is my only pure bred Golden Laced Wyandotte hen. She lays the best cream colored egg layers. She loves to forage all around the farm for bugs and grass.

a black and brown chicken is walking in the grass

#27 is a Black Copper Marans hen with a great big fluffy butt that produces huge chocolate brown speckled eggs. She is sweet and lays double yolk eggs on the farm.

This Ayam Cemani is not considered pure bred since he is not all black. #33 has his faults, but in my eye he is gorgeous so I placed him into the egg production flock. He has the best crow and protects the keets and chicks from predators.

a black and blue rooster standing in the woods
a chicken standing on the grass with a black and white rooster

#41 is a Blue Laced Red Wing pullet. She is growing into a beautiful hen. I am looking forward to Spring 2022 chicks from her fluffy butt.

#48 is a Ayam Cemani cross with ? pullet (a.k.a. Rooster Roulette). She is on the egg production flock and has produced some beautiful fibro black chicks.

a black chicken standing on the ground with a number on it
a group of black chickens standing next to each other

#50 is an Ayam Cemani cross with ?. She is considered a Rooster Roulette and is in the egg production flock.


Rooster Roulette a.k.a. “Shadow” (because that is what he does) I as cross of Swedish Flower Hen (hen) with Cream Legbar (rooster). As sweet as they get!

a white and black rooster standing in the woods
a black chicken is standing next to a baby chicken

The chick is a Cream Legbar cross. The pure Ayam Cemani hen decided that once a chick hatched, she was done being broody and it was time to be a mom.

So far, she is a good mom with a super loud chick.

“Monster” is the 3 foot tall rooster at the top of the photo. His son crossed with a Wyandotte, hatched Christmas 2022 and is growing fast.

two roosters standing next to each other in a field
a chicken is standing on the ground

This is #23.

She is a cross between an Ameraucana and a Cochin. She is beautiful, lays greenish eggs and has raised some cute chicklets!

As I keep adding more Rooster Roulettes to the farm, all of the cockerels are available for sale as either meat birds or for an addition to your flock. Please email [email protected]


a close up of a goose with a red beak

Guinea Fowl a.k.a “Storm Troopers”

a turkey with a red beak standing in the woods

My entire flock began from a great little hatchery called

Flint River Guinea in Thomaston, Georgia. The best quality around.

I keep hatching great quality with what I started out with.

a grey guinea pig standing on top of a fence

#3 a.k.a. “Babykiller”

(leg band 115)

No clue on her color, but she is a cool blue spotted mess. All female and always loud!


Never going to hatch

her own keets again.

Thus, her name.

One male that is always giving his opinion.

a bird is standing in the woods
a black and white quail standing in a cage

This is “Little Girl” she is the lone survivor of her mother’s clutch. The loudest white feathered female that flys everywhere on the farm. So hard to get a “still” photo of her.

I am still hatching a few keets here and there under broody hens. Mostly the broody Ayam Cemani hens. Once they hatch, I remove them and set them in the brooder to grow out big and strong.

two ducklings are sitting on top of a cardboard box


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