About My Farm

a red barn in a wooded area with trees in the background

My name is Tara Haines and I envisioned my farm “Where flying pigs are never seen and life can become backwards, but it’s my heaven.” This is how my woman owned farm name evolved as my Haines Heaven......spelled backwards.


My bird obsession began in 2019 at retirement with six guinea fowl to eat ticks on my property. Then a desire for farm fresh eggs began and I blossomed into this crazy chicken lady with a passion. Not just any chicken breed would do, but a quirky specialized variety of Heritage Plymouth Barred Rocks, Cream Legbars, Swedish Flower Hens, Black Copper Marans, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Pavlovskaya and Ayam Cemani. Over the years more breeds have come and gone and cross bred to begin my Rooster Roulette line. My chickens and guineas live a rich life on a small farm in LaGrange, Georgia. They have the freedom to forage outdoors year round, nest inside spacious coops, roam the woods for bugs and stroll on the farm as they please in the southern Georgia sunshine. I supplement their diet with high quality Kalmbach Organic all natural feed that contains no synthetic pesticides, no animal bi-products, no food or grains from GMO crops, no antibiotics, and no added hormones. I support local businesses and purchase my feed locally in LaGrange.


Their eggs are gathered several times each day, packaged and stay fresh out of sunlight, away from heat on my counter. All eggs are marked with a laid date to be used within 45 days stored on the counter or within 2 months in your refrigerator. Your eggs will come in a variety of sizes and colors due to the breeds on the farm. My entire poultry flock has been certified and is tested twice a year by the National Poultry Improvement Plan by the State of Georgia. NPIP is a voluntary State-Federal cooperative test and certification program for poultry flocks to focus on the elimination and prevention of poultry diseases on the farm.


My commitment to you is to provide the best Organically Grown Real Eggs (OGRE) to the local community as well as providing the best life of every animal at Nevaeh Seniah. Thank you for supporting a woman owned and locally owned business in LaGrange, Georgia.


Due to bio-security reasons and to maintain my NPIP certification, visitors are not allowed on the farm. I will be happy to meet you at a neutral location for any purchases or exchanges. When picking up birds or chicks, please notify me if you have your own carrier for transportation or if I need to provide one for you.


NPIP Certificate #57-1844 H5/H7 AI Clean

Georgia Egg Candler’s License #11208

Georgia Poultry Dealer/Broker License #PD-11646

Georgia Seed Dealer’s License #9517

Georgia Cottage Food License #5105977

Certified Beekeeper #1211

Member of the following:

Certified Naturally Grown Poultry

Ayam Cemani Breeders Association

Guinea Fowl International

Georgia Grown

American Poultry Association

Georgia Organics

Certified Naturally Grown Apiary

Troup County Beekeepers Association

Georgia Beekeepers Association


Yes, that is a chicken perching 40 feet up in a tree!

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